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Mixdown Fundamentals is a 7 part video series on my key principles behind clean and clear mixdowns for electronic music.

Originally showcased on my Patreon over several months, and now available in one complete download - coming in at over 2.5 hours total.

Each video tackles a specific consideration for your mix, using real-world examples of the principles in action in fully completed and released productions.

This is a course with simplicity at it's core, targeted at music production newcomers or those struggling to get consistent results with their mixdowns.


It focuses on high-level concepts in easy-to-digest chunks for any DAW, and uses a less-is-more approach to achieving professional quality in your music. A real springboard for your journey to your professional sound. 

Provided as an instant download of 7 video files for you to watch as you please.

Here's what you get:

Mixdown Fundamentals #1 - Introduction and Simplicity


I outline what you can expect from this series, and take a look at what my finished productions look like. Here I discuss how simplicity is the backbone of clean and polished sound, and dive into my philosophy behind channels, effects, and sound choices.

Mixdown Fundamentals #2 - Discussing Hierarchy


The importance of sound hierarchy in your mix, and how it impacts considerations for Volume, EQ, effects and more.

Mixdown Fundamentals #3 - Sound Design and Selection


I discuss how your choice in sound design and the way your song is written can have a profound impact on the mixdown later on. Some tips and discussion around what to do to both make your track sound better, and be more fun to listen to. 

Mixdown Fundamentals #4 - Volume and Loudness in your mix


Volume is one of the most powerful tools you have for clean and clear mixdowns. In this video I cover the essentials to know to make mixing the volume of your elements easier and cleaner. 

Mixdown Fundamentals #5 - Discussing EQ


Get your mix clean, clear and natural sounding by gaining a deeper understanding of the function of EQ and the sort of problems you're trying to solve.

Mixdown Fundamentals #6 - Clarity Through Stereo Image

Stereo image can be used as an extension to EQ, complimenting it to provide even further clarity and definition to your mixdown. 

Mixdown Fundamentals #7 - Reverb and Physical Space

I discuss using reverb and physical space to add more depth and natural characteristics to your music with mix techniques for Reverb.

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