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Creativity is front and centre of everything that I do. From my productions to my performances, I aim to excel at innovation. It's a subject I'm so passionate about, I published a small book about it on Amazon. 

Aimed at aspiring electronic music producers looking to kick-start their stand-out signature sound, this practical guide combines an effective understanding of what gives a producer their “sound” with advice on how our creative minds work, putting you on your own path of discovery.

- Explore and break-down what gives a producer their “sound”, discuss the pitfalls producers fall into which prevent them from fully realising their creative potential, and discover why it’s so difficult to get advice on this subject.

- Discover how our own journey and enjoyment of our work in the studio contributes to the development of our sound, and look into the frame of mind of a creative person, exploring the thought processes of someone who is operating at peak creativity.

- Discuss maximising your truly productive time in the studio - which I refer to as “flow” - by identifying and eliminating friction, gaining a better understanding of how your creative mind works, understanding your tools better, and giving ourselves space in which to work.

- Find specific and applicable practical creative advice relating to each part of the music creation process; idea snippets intended to inspire and guide you.

Pre-publication questionnaire feedback:
"An insightful, well put together read which highlights many points not seen/published often, whilst managing to be engaging and thought provoking."

"A great way to work at workflow and how to adjust accordingly to maximize creative results!"

"There's a lot to take in and use, and over time I will have learned a lot."

"I think the content is perfect to help drive new habits and recognise bad existing ones. ... Really well put together."

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