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FlexFX - Riser and drops FX toolkitEverLight Samples
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This toolkit contains 4 folders containing different rising/falling tones and one folder of high frequency textures. All simplified and designed to be layered in any way you like, to create instant mix-ready FX for your productions. 

All samples are 8 bars long at 138 bpm and rise/fall 48 semitones from C to C, and are delivered free of long tail reverb / delays so that you can pick, mix, pitch, pan and timescretch them in any way that you like. 

A total of 175 samples (.wav) broken down as follows:

White Noise - 25 risers and 25 drop downs composed entirely of white noise
Tonal - 25 risers and 25 drop downs sourced from sawtooth, square, triangle and sine waves 

Exotic - 25 risers and 25 drop downs composed from wavetable, resampling, and granular synthesis. 
Air - 25 samples of continuous/loopable high frequency textures.

All samples are high-passed at 150hz. 

100% of the funds from purchases of my self-released sample packs support me as an artist.

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