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SynTex - Synth grooves and textures from EverLight!EverLight Samples
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One of the biggest differences between an amateur sounding track and a professional sounding track is a keen ear and deep consideration for the mid-ground and background elements within it. 

To help music producers everywhere flesh out their productions with deep and unique detail, I created SynTex. 

SynTex contains 140 synth-based textures, grooves, and FX split into the following categories: 

- 31 Atmospheres: Melodic tension and background padding
- 30 Percussion style loops: Rhythmic, and discordant depth
- 30 Noise textures: Warped, unique and interesting depth
- 30 Straight Synth Grooves: Driving mid-ground patterns
- 19 Melodic Hooks: Melodic and catchy synth hooks

All samples have been created using an Access Virus TI, a Behringer Deepmind 12, an ASM Hydrasynth, Xfer Serum, Native Instruments Massive, Granulator II, and various vocoding and resampling processes, to ensure a rich collection of sonic variety. From weird and wonderful digital synthesis, to lush and organic analogue. 

All samples are provided at 138bpm unless labelled otherwise, and all melodic samples are labeled with their key, to make it as easy as possible to manipulate them until they sit perfectly in your mix. 


100% of the funds from purchases of my self-released sample packs support me as an artist.

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