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The music industry is no joke. But help is at hand.

Coming in at just over 110 pages and 26 chapters, my second book "Hitting the High Notes" takes a grounded and practical approach to surviving and even thriving as an aspiring musician or DJ in today's modern electronic music scene. 

- Develop your goals and vision of success into something achievable and sustainable.
- Put what is most fun for you firmly in the driver's seat.
- Understand the key cornerstones of success within your career.
- Develop a healthy lifestyle working your music career, and earn a bit of money doing the things you love.
- Understand and make the most of your position in the music industry.

I'm no superstar, but I am well respected, I live doing the things I love, and things are always improving. I've gotten here by consistently having fun with what I do, and I've never gotten bored or burned out. I am comfortable, and I am happy. 

Through self-reflection and years of discussion with peers, I have identified a grounded and flexible framework for a solid and healthy approach to our work and our musical identity. That approach is articulated in this book. 

A free E-Book copy will be included as part of your order, and emailed to you upon shipment of your physical copy (typical shipping time 1-2 working days).

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