EverLight is the synth addicted, button mashing decoction of Matt Seagrave’s 17 years obsession with trance music and the technology that makes it. 

Through sheer dedication to musicianship and technical excellence since barely a teenager, Matt has covered a massive range of electronic music. Sharpening down to his razor edged signature EverLight sound; relentless underground trance, uncompromising in character.

With a thirst for innovation and a fearless streak, EverLight is not afraid to push the boundaries. Cultivating cutting edge sounds, creative concepts, and unique live performances with huge amounts of soul.

As the pioneer of the BlackNet imprint, Matt showcases multiple disciplines across music, graphic design, videography, and more, collaborating with artists and producers keen to push the creative envelope in trance and establish a de-facto creative hub within the scene.

Signings on BlackNet as well as respected record labels including Future Sound Of Egypt’s Clandestine imprint, Nocturnal Knights, Outburst Records, Pure Trance, Deep In Thought and many more have been featured on globally known compilations and radio shows including A State Of Trance, Pure Trance, VII, Outburst and more. 

Matt's abilities in the music studio are revered by defining DJ’s in the scene such as John Askew, Alex Di Stefano, Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, Will Atkinson, Mark Sherry, Greg Downey, and Armin Van Buuren ensure that his neo-tech sound is constantly recognisable in clubs and festivals all over the world. 

To siphon EverLight's music production passion onto the dancefloor, Matt performs with a custom built live performance system tailored exactly to his workflow. 

This system allows him the freedom to chop, change, remix, and mash up his music library on stage across 8 virtual “decks”. The result is a DJ set with more flexibility and creativity, honing in on exactly what the crowd wants, when they want it.

Meanwhile, 253 full colour LEDs housed inside of an iconic custom built mask, flash, strobe, and pulse in time with the music, controlled by EverLight while he plays, adding an immense amount of character to his performances and leaving a lasting impression on the crowd.

EverLight is quickly rising up the ranks of the European trance circuit with passion fueled performances at globally recognisable events, such as The Gallery @ The Ministry Of Sound (UK), Luminosity Beach Festival (NL), Horizons Festival (Ireland), Trancecoda and Trance Sanctuary (UK). A residency at Anomaly in his home city of Birmingham has gathered him a cult following and built a platform for EverLight to test his latest auditory experiments.

Put simply, EverLight is one of the brightest upcoming talents in trance.