EverLight is cyber punk music from the future.  

Technology obsessed synth and drum addict EverLight is leading the way for the new evolution of tech that is taking today’s scene by storm.  

With a thirst for innovation and a fearless streak of pure punk attitude, EverLight is not afraid to push the boundaries of the machines he controls; cultivating cutting edge sounds, creative concepts, digital art and unique powerful live performances. 

Through uncompromising dedication to musicianship since his early teens, EverLight has mastered his skills, sharpening them over time to form his now trademark, razor edged sound; raw underground tech and relentless warehouse groove that sounds unlike any other producer from any genre. 
EverLight pioneers his sounds on his own BlackNet imprint, which also showcases multiple disciplines across music, art, and of course collaboration with other artists and producers from the techno-trance uprising. 

EverLight has released on many other reputable labels too - including VII, Future Sound Of Egypt’s Clandestine imprint, Outburst Records, Pure Trance, Deep In Thought and many more. 
In 2021 John Askew named EverLight the hottest artist to emerge from the techno-trance scene and signed him to VII as a fully fledged member of the 2022 shadow line up.  
EverLight’s high energy, neo-tech sound is instantly recognisable and has already rocked the most discerning festivals and clubs the world over. 

Who is the man behind the mask? There is no man behind the mask, only a machine – brought back from the future to rock the very foundations of trance, tech and techno across all corners of the globe. 
EverLight has quickly made a name of himself – giving explosive performances at events such as Trance Sanctuary @ Fabric (UK), The Gallery @ The Ministry Of Sound (UK), Luminosity Beach Festival (NL), Horizons Festival (Ireland), Trancecoda, Rong (UK) and many more. Today – as the newest shadow to join VII EverLight is poised and primed to take his sound across all borders. 

A cult following is rising behind this new sound that fuses the best elements of techno and energetic groove and EverLight is on the front lines of this revolution.