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Discover effective creative techniques on starting and progressing your tracks with Track Development & Arrangement - an 8 part video series.

Originally showcased on my Patreon over several months, and now available in one complete download - coming in at over 3 hours total.

Each video tackles a step in the initial creation and development of new track ideas, using real-world examples of the principles in action.

This is a course with creativity at it's core, offering tips, tricks and examples that can be used at any level of production skill and with any DAW to expand your creative toolset.

It focuses on high-level concepts in easy-to-digest chunks.


Provided as an instant download of 8 video files for you to watch as you please.

Here's what you get:

Track Development & Arrangement #1 :How to start - Goal-less Exploration


I outline what you can expect from this series and how it is structured, and discuss one of the most potent creative tools you have; goal-less exploration. 

Track Development & Arrangement #2: How to start - Note taking, active listening, and idea scaffolding


A trifecta of techniques you can use to quickly and effectively generate the big-picture ideas for new songs. Create ideas you're excited to work on, and quickly form unique concepts. 

Track Development & Arrangement #3: How to start - Arbitrary Constraints

Give yourself a huge creative boost right out the gate by implementing some fun challenge into the ideas generation processing. ​Limiting your options can actually massively boost your creativity, here's how.

Track Development & Arrangement #4: How to start - Effective Use of Scraps and Sketches


While your old projects might feel like a bit of a graveyard, they can actually be one of your biggest creative tools. Here I talk about the processes involved with unlocking the potential from your old ideas. 

Track Development & Arrangement #5: How to Progress - The loop-busting 8 and 80 rule

In this video I discuss what I call the rule of "8 and 80" - a creation process which will break open the potential in your ideas and get you unstuck from the dreaded "loop phase". By time you're done with this ideas generation strategy, your tracks will practically arrange themselves!

Track Development & Arrangement #6: How to progress - Breadth then Depth

I discuss the key progression points when converting your loops and ideas into full arrangements. 

There's plenty of pitfalls and sticking points during this delicate phase, and here I discuss what you need to do to stay focused and ensure your track moves forward

Track Development & Arrangement #7: How to Progress - Scaffolding and Subtractive Arrangement

In this instalment of Track Development & Arrangement I discuss one of my favourite techniques. Track scaffolding is a simple technique that will enable you to complete arrangements of your ideas in literally minutes! 

Track Development & Arrangement #8: How to Progress - Put Songwriting First

In the final instalment of Track Development & Arrangement I leave you with some advice on how to better improve your song writing ability which will elevate your arrangements and allow you to create highly addictive music.

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